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Another Music Form?


A project of Danniel Selfmade, TEMPLANZA LIVE is a name of this equally innovative and singular proposal in which the music and the avant-garde shake hands to create unique and smart sound signature.Apart from the alias and set-up full of science fiction, he didn't reveal any more details about his identity or leitmotif. In this sense, last September, Red Bull Music has published an article containing an exclusive video in which he introduced his project "Music With The Mind" by explaining how his helmet works.

Listening to the ten tracks in this album, you can have a taste of powerful rhythms and electronic melodies, touching the soul classic music, together with great breaks that will take you deeper into the synthesizers and the tools he uses, which are all self-built. A technological journey directed by an alien musician, mentally connected to self-made tools we’ve never saw before, resulting in an album which will delight the most demanding listeners.